January 18, 2019

The weather is supposed to be bringing us a snow storm this weekend. Hard to believe that in NE Ohio you can get a snow storm in January! That's why we schedule the late season deer hunts and it can be exciting and beautiful at the same time. Just don't forget the heater!

Our mature bucks are still holding their antlers for the most part and there is still a little activity on the secondary rut. We are hopeful that we can finish this next couple of weeks with some great trophy bucks. The food sources are now the attraction as the dominant bucks are trying to rebuild their body mass. The Ohio whitetail rut can take its toll on these old mature whitetails but they generally bounce back pretty quickly. I would expect that our antlered buck hunts will be over by the end of January this year. It is always fun to begin thinking about shed hunti...

June 11, 2018

It is finally that time of year when we have some new and exciting antler pictures to share. It is always hard on deer hunters for the three to four months after the monster bucks shed until the new antlers become easily seen. Then from here on out the excitement can grow until the beginning of Ohio deer hunting in September! The mature bucks are still pushing the main beams out and around but the tines are starting to pop as well. Most of these trophy bucks will grow long into August but for now we are getting a glimpse into the potential that this falls deer hunting may hold.

April 8, 2018

Hard to believe we are almost to mid-April! The woods are starting to slowly turn green and most of our overnight snow snow melts away by mid day. Spring seems to be coming a little slower this year but history tells us that by the middle of the month we should be getting much warmer temperatures!

The deer are all looking shaggy as they shed their winter hair. Another sign that spring should be showing up soon. The bucks are starting to push up some noticable bumps on their heads and very soon the new antlers should be clearly visible above the hairline. The antler growth this time of year appears very slow but it is this early growth that is building the heavy mass for our trophy bucks! Once the bases have been established the growth seems to get faster every week. Hard to imagine that in just four months they can produce such majestic a...

February 1, 2018

Many of us are awaiting the arrival of the rodent to tell us how many more weeks of winter we will have to undergo before spring. I can tell without even looking for shadows that we are getting closer because the bucks are starting to shed their antlers! One sure sign that the trophy bucks are looking forward to warmer weather as the Ohio deer hunting comes to a close. The Boys of Fall are getting back together into groups and the pictures have them showing up together and for now anyway there seems to be slow down in the fighting.

As the antlers begin to shed, we will look to the East for the shadows of the groundhog tomorrow. Whether he sees it or not, we are looking forward to getting started on a warmer path to March. February can be a long wintery ride for having so few days, but there is light at the end of the month!

Our Fall calend...

January 8, 2018

I'm not allowed to say what I would really like to about the temperatures that started off our 2018 Ohio deer hunting season but let's just say it was really cold! We had a great coating of fresh snow and then we finally bottomed out at -15 degrees! The deer seemed to be getting adjusted to the colder temperatures and we managed to see several great mature bucks. There is still a considerable amolunt of activity going with the second rut and we saw several scrapes that had been opened up thru a foot of snow. That shows some serious dedication! I'm not sure if the deer hunters ever adjusted to the cold but we all stuck with it and the enclosed stands really paid for themselves this week. Ron got the ball rolling for us this year when he took a great typical trophy buck that scored 176" with great browtines. He kept the week rolling when e...

December 31, 2017

Unless something changes really quickly we are going to end the 2017 Ohio deer hunting on a cold and snowy day! We have been single digits for the last week and highs in the teens. Add some good ole lake effect snow and it makes for some beautiful days in the deer stand. We also ended our 2017 deer season with another great trophy buck as Stanley took a great 185" main framed 6x6. We had to keep hustling to keep warm but everything went well. (No need for coolers and ice on this hunt!)

We are getting excited to begin the journey into 2018 and to see what kind of trophy buck hunts we can add to an already successful season. The secondary rut is still going as some of the younger does are just now coming into heat for the first time. This activity can sure help to keep the winter hunts exciting. I was a little concerned about the early cold...

September 14, 2017

We are less than three days away from our first hard antler hunt and everything is coming together perfectly. We are staying cooler and some of our leaves have actually started changing color with some of them drifting to the forest floor. Nothing better than the anticipation of the Ohio deer hunting opener!

All but a very few bucks have finished shedding and we are even starting to hear some antlers clicking toward evening. The trophy bucks are all beginning to make their plays for home territory the games get more serious everyday. 

We still have a couple of early October hunts available and a few during the prime rut in early November! Don't miss out on the great group of bucks we have this season!

August 11, 2017

August is always like a teaser month for diehard Ohio deer hunters. You walk outside on the first cool mornings of summer and there is a heavy dew on the grass and a faint color change has started on some of the maple trees and it hits you that you still have just over a month left to wait! The Ohio trophy bucks are also hitting the home stretch and like the changing leaves you can see the velvet color starting to fading and tighten. Some of the redder hair of summer is already giving way to the short brown winter hair as they begin to get ready for fall.

This time of year is also the time to begin checking those stands. I know that I talk alot about this every year but it sure can ruin a great stand location if you have to spray Raid on the bees the day before an opener or worse yet get the surprise of your life while crawling into the s...

June 21, 2017

We are offically into summer and the trophy bucks are changing everyday. We are far enough along now that you can start to get an idea of how the frames will look and if you are looking for big TYPICAL bucks

we are going to have you covered! Don't get me wrong we are going to have a few really big non-typicals as well but the typical bucks are standing out this year already. The Ohio deer hunting is just three months away and when you start seeing mature bucks sporting their huge velvet covered antlers it seems like the season will never get here.

We have been getting a good mix of rain and heat the last couple of weeks and it has all of our food plots looking good and we have just finished clipping them for the second time. Our apple crop is also good this year and we have just started seeing the acorns popping! It is lining up to be an e...

June 13, 2017

The summer weather has finally arrived in NE Ohio! It has been a long damp and cool spring and the warmer temperatures are a welcome change. The damp weather has helped to keep our food plots growing and added with the bumper apple crop this year it show make for a great start to the Ohio deer hunting season this fall!

The bucks are showing more antler growth everyday and some of the trophy mature bucks are looking great already. We have two large mature bucks that are already showing droptines and one of them seems to have one started on each side. A double droptine buck is always a great way to start off our new deer season!

We have good booking for this fall already but there are still several dates still available. If you have any questions for us or if you would like more information about our hunt please contact us anytime either by...

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