December 16, 2018

As we move towards the end of December it also indicates the end of the Ohio gun season and as we move into the new year that means only late season archery and Ohio muzzle loader season 

are left to fill those tags. The end of December also means the secondary rut is on and the younger does will be firing up those trophy bucks for one more chance to catch him making a mistake. This rut is usually not as intense and the mature bucks will be taking breaks to begin refueling for the cold winter months still ahead. Watch for those fresh scrapes and also unharvested crop fields. There is still plenty of excitement left for January and you just have to get out in the stand to take advantage.

Our Ohio trophy bucks are starting to check the younger does. We have also been seeing groups of bucks again in the food plots and that means tha...

December 11, 2017

The secondary rut is upon us and it can sure effect the hunting. I had four straight days of hunting from a stand all day this week that produced only hopeful sightings. The trophy bucks could be seen in the distance at times as they chased younger does past our area only to disappear as quickly as they arrived. Then on the fifth morning our great typical buck sporting the 6x6 rack walked right in to our food plot! Thankfully we had the extra days open and Rich was flexible enough to stick with it. What a reward he received for his time! 

The deer hunting in Ohio can change from day to day and if you are hunting Ohio trophy bucks you need to spend the time in the stand. Our weather changed this week from mild to cold and then Saturday night we had 3-4 inches of new snow. You never know how Mother Nature's mood will swing this time of year...

August 11, 2017

August is always like a teaser month for diehard Ohio deer hunters. You walk outside on the first cool mornings of summer and there is a heavy dew on the grass and a faint color change has started on some of the maple trees and it hits you that you still have just over a month left to wait! The Ohio trophy bucks are also hitting the home stretch and like the changing leaves you can see the velvet color starting to fading and tighten. Some of the redder hair of summer is already giving way to the short brown winter hair as they begin to get ready for fall.

This time of year is also the time to begin checking those stands. I know that I talk alot about this every year but it sure can ruin a great stand location if you have to spray Raid on the bees the day before an opener or worse yet get the surprise of your life while crawling into the s...

July 11, 2017

If carb loading can get a trophy buck ready for deer hunting season then we should be in for an exciting fall! I did some searching this week for our possible food sources and our management plan is paying off. The "orchard" is loaded with apples, our red oaks are pushing a fair acorn crop, the scattered paw paws are loaded, the beech trees are loaded with nuts, and the other mast trees (hickory and walnuts) are loaded as well which helps to divert the squirrel attention away from the preferred whitetai

l deer food (acorns). Add all of these to our food plots that are enjoying a much wetter summer than normal and we are providing everything needed for plump healthy trophy bucks. If you are planning to hunt deer in Ohio this fall now is the time to do your early season scouting and locate those food sources that will produce your Ohio trop...

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