January 18, 2019

The weather is supposed to be bringing us a snow storm this weekend. Hard to believe that in NE Ohio you can get a snow storm in January! That's why we schedule the late season deer hunts and it can be exciting and beautiful at the same time. Just don't forget the heater!

Our mature bucks are still holding their antlers for the most part and there is still a little activity on the secondary rut. We are hopeful that we can finish this next couple of weeks with some great trophy bucks. The food sources are now the attraction as the dominant bucks are trying to rebuild their body mass. The Ohio whitetail rut can take its toll on these old mature whitetails but they generally bounce back pretty quickly. I would expect that our antlered buck hunts will be over by the end of January this year. It is always fun to begin thinking about shed hunti...

January 8, 2019

January has us guessing what will be coming next to NE Ohio. We have had almost sixty and sunny, teens and snow, twenties and freezing rain, and now it is sixties and thunder storms! That is just the first week so hang on and keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times! We are hoping for some frozen ground and snow this month to finish up our hunts with a new blanket of white.

Our trophy bucks are really fired up with the secondary rut just in time for the Ohio deer season (muzzle loader). The younger does are on the move and rarely will they be seen alone. If you are lucky enough to hunt Ohio this time of year you still could have a chance at a big mature trophy buck. The pictures don't lie and while other areas are dropping antlers already our Ohio big bucks are still chasing! 

January 2, 2019

Happy New Year to all of our Oak Ridge friends and family! It is so hard to believe that we are already typing those words again. I guess when you're having fun the time flies. We had an incredible 2018 and want to thank everyone that hunted with us last year. We are always excited to have our hunters harvest an Ohio trophy buck but the real rewards come in sharing in those great deer hunting memories.

Our year may be changing but the season is rolling on into January. The younger does have our trophy bucks fired back up with the secondary rut. The chase is back on and with any luck we will once again be able to do some calling over the next couple of weeks. The weather has been mild temperatures and wet so if the temperature can drop a little we should be looking at snow soon.

December 16, 2018

As we move towards the end of December it also indicates the end of the Ohio gun season and as we move into the new year that means only late season archery and Ohio muzzle loader season 

are left to fill those tags. The end of December also means the secondary rut is on and the younger does will be firing up those trophy bucks for one more chance to catch him making a mistake. This rut is usually not as intense and the mature bucks will be taking breaks to begin refueling for the cold winter months still ahead. Watch for those fresh scrapes and also unharvested crop fields. There is still plenty of excitement left for January and you just have to get out in the stand to take advantage.

Our Ohio trophy bucks are starting to check the younger does. We have also been seeing groups of bucks again in the food plots and that means tha...

December 5, 2018

What a great time of year! The holidays are here and everyone gathers with family and friends. The phones come out immediately and we begin to share the deer pictures that we have taken or received this year! The stories flow about the trophy bucks that slipped past our stand, the monster buck taken just a property away or maybe by your buddy in the next stand. It is very easy to see how we all get hooked on these whitetails and the bonds that they create are much greater than hunt itself. The Ohio deer season still has extended gun season, Ohio muzzle loader deer season and archery season to make your dreams of trophy whitetails come true.

Our mature bucks are still on the move and it appears as though the secondary rut may be kicking in just a little already. The fighting is not as intense as it was three or four weeks ago and we are ge...

November 25, 2018

On this the eve of Ohio deer gun season opener (and several surrounding states as well) it is always fun to look back at and recall the many stories that revolve around this great tradition. For many of us it is the Deer Camp in the days leading up to the opener that stand out the most. For others it may be waking up after a mostly sleepless night to a big breakfast and last minute decisions before heading afield. But regardless of your fondest memories it is one of the strongest American Traditions ever and hopefully will remain so for years to come. We hope that all of the Ohio deer hunters have a safe and successful deer season 2018.

Our trophy bucks are still in that lingering rut mode and double checking on the does just to make sure that they haven't missed one. Soon it will be time for the younger does to begin and the chase will b...

October 31, 2018

This October has been running behind all month and as we get ready to start November our leaves are finally hitting their full color. This is a solid two weeks behind our normal year but it is nice to finish off a great month in full color! The trophy bucks are not running behind and it seem like they are ready for the Ohio peak rut! They are on the move and this last week we had two great hunts that showed they are ready to start locking in on those hot does!

Nicole started us off with an exciting crossbow hunt the first evening and when one of our older mature does came in she brought with her a great Ohio trophy buck. He finally gave her a shot and Nicole closed the deal with a perfect shot! The buck score 260" and what a way to start our weekend! Frankie traded places and was trying to get within bow range of a mature buck and as the...

October 22, 2018

It's that magic time of year again when the bucks begin to turn up the heat! The pre-rut is always my favorite time of year to hunt whitetails in Ohio. You can become more agressive with your calling and you should be seeing more trophy bucks all day. Our temperatures have finally settled into our normal range with the highs in the 50's and lows in the 30's. It become harder to miss the day on stand with each frosty morning!  The scrapes are all open now and active and the mature bucks are beginning to push the younger bucks to the wayside. The Ohio rut is just around the corner!

Our hunters have been having great success with some great looking trophy bucks. Each hunt brings with it a new adventure and boy have the hunts been exciting this year! We have been blessed with a great group of hunters again and it sure does make the time fly....

October 11, 2018

After another record setting heat way we finally have some much appreciated colder temperatures heading our way. This weather seems to have our leaves confused and as the wind and rain arrived the leaves are coming down quickly and they have shared very little fall color with us this year. The mixed up weather also has the trophy bucks confused and while the necks are swelling they do not move much during the day when it's 90+ degrees!

We are expecting highs in the fifties and hopefully our first frost this coming week and as the Ohio deer season gets ready for the rut these low temps are appreciated. We are seeing some get bucks and while most of the pictures are after dark we expect that to change. It looks like great hunting for the next several hunters!

September 16, 2018

After an exciting velvet hunt and then the mad rush to get all of our last minute items completed, we have finally started our hard antler hunts for 2018! The trophy bucks were getting ready with the rubbing of trees and brush, and now we are already starting to see the early signs of territorial scrapes. With the statewide Ohio deer season quickly coming, it was nice to get an early preview of the mature bucks we have here at Oak Ridge this year. 

Rich was treated to a very hot start this season as we started out the first evening in the "Penalty Box". Living up to its name we both were able to shed a few pounds early but the bucks arrived just before dark. We had our first look at a huge main frame wide buck. As is often the case with these old mature bucks he felt something wasn't right and slipped just outside the food plot. The first...

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