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Plenty of Carbs!

July 11, 2017

If carb loading can get a trophy buck ready for deer hunting season then we should be in for an exciting fall! I did some searching this week for our possible food sources and our management plan is paying off. The "orchard" is loaded with apples, our red oaks are pushing a fair acorn crop, the scattered paw paws are loaded, the beech trees are loaded with nuts, and the other mast trees (hickory and walnuts) are loaded as well which helps to divert the squirrel attention away from the preferred whitetai


l deer food (acorns). Add all of these to our food plots that are enjoying a much wetter summer than normal and we are providing everything needed for plump healthy trophy bucks. If you are planning to hunt deer in Ohio this fall now is the time to do your early season scouting and locate those food sources that will produce your Ohio trophy bucks!

The mature bucks are finishing nicely and that tine length we discussed last time is starting to show up on the trail camera photos. With approximately one month of growing still to come for the older bucks you can already see the velvet on the younger bucks turn tighter and lightening in color. Time to get ready deer hunting season is just around the corner.

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