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Home Stretch

August 11, 2017

August is always like a teaser month for diehard Ohio deer hunters. You walk outside on the first cool mornings of summer and there is a heavy dew on the grass and a faint color change has started on some of the maple trees and it hits you that you still have just over a month left to wait! The Ohio trophy bucks are also hitting the home stretch and like the changing leaves you can see the velvet color starting to fading and tighten. Some of the redder hair of summer is already giving way to the short brown winter hair as they begin to get ready for fall.

This time of year is also the time to begin checking those stands. I know that I talk alot about this every year but it sure can ruin a great stand location if you have to spray Raid on the bees the day before an opener or worse yet get the surprise of your life while crawling into the stand on opening morning! For Ohio deer hunting it is also time to be planting those late summer food plots. We normally like to get our clovers out in early August and we use oats or winter wheat a


s a cover crop to get the clover started. It is always a gamble with moisture this time of year but if you want something to offer those monster bucks in a month and a half you have to plant now.

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