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August 18, 2017

The days are getting shorter and the marching bands and whistles can be heard on Friday nights! It is come quickly and these days are always hard on the hard core whitetail deer hunters in Ohio! Looking back it has always been this way and it only seems to be getting worse as we get older. The evenings are spent taking practice shots with your bow, the trail cameras get checked on the weekends and the stand will be getting hung before the end of August. The sales catalogs are full of deer hunting gear and the sales are trying to draw you in on an early season purchase.

The trophy bucks are looking great and every cool evening we get the more trail camera pictures we have showing up. The large frames on our typical bucks are staying clean and we have two exceptional 6 x 6 typicals that have few if any extras. The huge non-typicals are also looking great and they all have maintained that whitetail look with adding the non-typical extras to a heavy main frame. The hard antlers are coming soon!

We still have several great dates left and now is the time to call or email with your reservations for this fall. Come share three days with us whitetail deer hunting in Ohio and I promise you will always want to come back in the future!



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