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Great Start!

August 28, 2017

We jumped out the gate last week with a great 334" Velvet Buck! Rich joined us early for a full velvet hunt and it did not disappoint us. We started off the first evening with temperatures in the mid eighties and high hunmidity. Not ideal for your first evening but when you are looking for a velvet hunt the plans need to be made ahead of time for the possible heat. After a long warm afternoon on stand a huge droptine buck showed up at the Acorn Ridge Stand and what an impressive buck. As we were getting ready for a possible shot opportunity the skies opened up. "I'm not sure what this heavy rain will do to your arrow, but I do know what it will do to a blood trail!" We had no choice but to let him walk out of sight. The next morning we woke up to low fifties and clear skies. While we saw some great bucks in the morning the bar had been set the night before so we passed on several good opportunities. That evening we returned to the Acorn Ridge Stand. Rich's decisions to pass were rewarded when the huge droptine buck showed up again and this time it was cooler and dry. One perfect shot later and a short quick blood trail and Rich had his 334" Velvet Buck! What a great start to our season.

All of the bucks are gett


ing close to shedding and over the next two weeks we should be able to catch some glimpses of our first hard antlers. The break in the temperatures has stayed with us and the feel of fall is in the air again. Hopefully we have the hot weather of summer behind us.


All of our thoughts and prayers are with our friends and family in Texas dealing with "Harvey".


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