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Peak - Rut

November 12, 2017

The Peak-rut is upon us and now is the time to be in the woods! If you enjoy seeing lots of deer anytime of day then you should be headed to your stand. If you are an archery hunter it is going to be tough to get those trophy bucks to stop but if you can catch a mature buck in between love affairs he may be receptive to your bleat call or grunts. 

We had another great weeked with two great trophy bucks and one of them was a monster buck! Ted was back with us on his fourth hunt and he finally had a chance with his Ten Point crossbow and took a great 217 typical buck that scored 197 typical! Ryan held out for his chance on a monster buck that we had seem on the first morning and finally laid his hands on a great 261" non-typical! 

The weather finally dropped hard on us this week and with lows in the teens and highes in the thirties it only added to the madness that is the peak-rut!



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