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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2017

It never gets old to start off our new blog by saying "Wow, what another great week!". The weather started our hunt off this week with a nice white ground and cooler temperatures. The kind of morning when you think the trophy bucks are going to be moving. I think we were right? But with the rut finally starting to slow down it means that only a few does may still be available. That is not a problem as long as you have one of those does around you but when only doe fawns show up it can be a bit slow. We did manage to see a great high rack mature buck that skirted the food plot and Sam thought he might have been the "right one" if he had only came into the young does. The afternoon left us with sunshine and the snow melting at a rapid pace. Easier to sit but harder to spot the deer in the distance. After only a couple of hours our doe dawns showed back up and this time they were quickly followed by a faster moving adult doe. Once the mature doe reached the food plot the skies opened up and we had bucks coming from all directions. The "right one" from earlier was one of them and then just as he was getting ready to leave Sam put a perfect shot on him! It was a very exciting ten minutes as most hunts are but what a great reward for her patience! He scored 170" and she took him exactly three years to the day after her Mom took her "Velvet Buck" with us.


As I mentioned the rut is starting to let off a little but there are always a few does that come in a little later. By the end of next week we should be having the majority of the trophy bucks slipping back into a more normal routine. It will be nice to be able to have our hunts return to a more normal pace as well. The Ohio deer


gun season will be open next week and we wish all of the hunters a safe and successful hunt. 

We all have many blessings and all of us here at Oak Ridge Whitetail Adventure wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

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