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December 1, 2017

Just turned over the claendar this morning and it says "DECEMBER"! Where did the year go


and what a short time we have left to hunt Ohio trophy whitetails this season! If you don't want to get caught looking back at what could have been after it has passed you by then you had better start making plans now!

We are back to higher than normal temperatures and mostly sunshine. Great weather is you are behind on your fall projects but not so good if you are hunting NE Ohio whitetails! All of the deer are settling down from the heavy rut activity and I have even spotted a few does back out in the food plots feeding by themselves. This will be a short lived break as the younger does begin to cycle toward the middle of this month. That will give us one more glimpse at a scaled down rut. At best we are looking at another month here in Ohio for any kind of chasing. After January 1st you can bet on colder stand time and hopefully some great white backgrounds. 

The season will heat back up for us this week with hunters hoping for the weather to break a little. They are calling for snow flurries and cooler days so that should be helpful. We are hoping to have more trophy whitetail pictures to share with you soon.

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