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Cold Ending

December 31, 2017

Unless something changes really quickly we are going to end the 2017 Ohio deer hunting on a cold and snowy day! We have been single digits for the last week and highs in the teens. Add some good ole lake effect snow and it makes for some beautiful days in the deer stand. We also ended our 2017 deer season with another great trophy buck as Stanley took a great 185" main framed 6x6. We had to keep hustling to keep warm but everything went well. (No need for coolers and ice on this hunt!)

We are getting excited to begin the journey into 2018 and to see what kind of trophy buck hunts we can add to an already successful season. The secondary rut is still going as some of the younger does are just now coming into heat for the first time. This activity can sure help to keep the winter hunts exciting. I was a little concerned about the early cold snap causing some antlers to drop early but so far there has been no evidence of them shedding.


We would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year as we look forward to the 2018 deer hunting season!



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