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January 8, 2018

I'm not allowed to say what I would really like to about the temperatures that started off our 2018 Ohio deer hunting season but let's just say it was really cold! We had a great coating of fresh snow and then we finally bottomed out at -15 degrees! The deer seemed to be getting adjusted to the colder temperatures and we managed to see several great mature bucks. There is still a considerable amolunt of activity going with the second rut and we saw several scrapes that had been opened up thru a foot of snow. That shows some serious dedication! I'm not sure if the deer hunters ever adjusted to the cold but we all stuck with it and the enclosed stands really paid for themselves this week. Ron got the ball rolling for us this year when he took a great typical trophy buck that scored 176" with great browtines. He kept the week rolling when e closed the deal on another great buck just as the sun appeared for the first time. This buck scored a 170" and was wide with great character. Brian was starting to get a bit nervous with just one day remaining but never gave in to the cold and scored on a great 191" monster buck! When it comes to Ohio muzzle loader season snow and nice "dry" cold keep your powder dry but we may have been a little over the top!



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