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Winter Projects

January 22, 2018

The weather is finally giving us a little break before our next cold and snow blast! At least we will start out this next run with fresh snow. The creeks are rising along with the temperatures and we are taking full advantage of our small window. The 2018 Clear-cut is underway and it is always easier when we don't have snow and the stumps tend to be shorter as well. We are opening up a nice patch across from the Ramp Patch this year and hopefully it will begin re-growing this spring. We are also into starting the list of repairs needed from last hunting season. Window and door repairs on the stands, path clearing and repair. You know, anything we can do in shorter outings just to help us ward off the "Cabin Fever"!

The trophy bucks are still holding onto their antlers but have started getting back together. The does are also grouped up and when you see one deer now you might see six or seven. They are all sticking pretty close to the heavy cover and hiding from the cold winds that are blowing in from the North. If you are planning to hunt deer in Ohio this season you had better get after it as they will begin shedding antlers in the next couple months.



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