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Sweet Smells of Spring!

February 22, 2018


NE Ohio always takes on a very unique sweet smell as spring unfolds each year...maple syrup season! What a great way to get your spring season started. With the "sugar season" comes a lot of unsettled weather and that is what keeps the maple trees producing their sweet sap. This last week we have gone from low twenties to low seventies and back to a winter storm advisory again today. If you can get thru this time of year without getting sick you are a healthy individual!

These swings in our weather also can be seen in the Ohio whitetail deer herd. As the cold weather hangs on the winter herds can be seen digging the winter wheat out in our open fields. As the buds begin to pop and the snow melts so do our deer! They pull back into the safety of the woodland cover and it is almost as though they have vanished. One of the advantages of these winter herds is that there are large numbers of deer grouped together. These "yarding" areas are great places to begin looking for those treasured sheds. Our trophy bucks have pretty much all  shed with only a few hold outs that will probably drop over the next week. This shed hunting always helps to get your spring field time going and possibly even helps us to shed some of our Christmas cookies from last December!

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