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Chilled Ramps

April 8, 2018

Hard to believe we are almost to mid-April! The woods are starting to slowly turn green and most of our overnight snow snow melts away by mid day. Spring seems to be coming a little slower this year but history tells us that by the middle of the month we should be getting much warmer temperatures!

The deer are all looking shaggy as they shed their winter hair. Another sign that spring should be showing up soon. The bucks are starting to push up some noticable bumps on their heads and very soon the new antlers should be clearly visible above the hairline. The antler growth this time of year appears very slow but it is this early growth that is building the heavy mass for our trophy bucks! Once the bases have been established the growth seems to get faster every week. Hard to imagine that in just four months they can produce such majestic antlers each year. With the Ohio deer hunting season just five months away they had better get busy!



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