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Antlers and Fawns!

May 29, 2018

It has taken us a long time this year but I think that we have finally arrived at Summer! The trophy bucks are all starting to put on some great antler growth and they are also shedding the winter coats in favor of the lighter red hair of summer! The mature does are being very secretive now and we should be seeing those early fawns anytime. Once they have all shed their shaggy coats we should be able to get the trail cameras going for some early looks toward this fall. It's only four more months until we start deer hunting in Ohio!


We are well into our summer projects and the spring food plots have been completed and are greening up nicely. The monster bucks of this fall are hitting them hard and it is always exciting to see the potential as they grow each season. The mature bucks are always the slowest to show what they will have come fall as it takes additional time to grow those incredible bases before they start to come around with the main beams! 

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