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Velvet Hunt

September 5, 2018

One advantage of hunting a preserve is the ability to harvest a mature trophy buck in velvet. We have had some great early season hunts in the past with Rich and Joe taking beautiful full velvet trophy bucks. When we talked with Brian about bringing Luke up for a possible velvet hunt this year we knew it was getting close but decided to give it a try. Deer hunting in Ohio in early Seotember can bring you some warmer temperatures and this year was no exception. We were reaching into the low 90's during the afternoons and droping only into the high 60's overnight. These high temps make the deer move just before dark and right as the sun rises. Luke had a chance to experience hunting with us last year but the temperatures were in the single digits so he has now seen both extremes! "Lefty" had damage to his right side last winter but Luke really liked his left side and once I started posting trail camera photos it was easy to pick him out. Luke made a good shot with his crossbow and we soon had a chance to show off our trophy velvet buck of 2018. I wish there was someway to tell in the photo tha Luke is happy!

The majority of our mature bucks are starting to shed and we can now see trees freshly rubbed and hard antlers as we do our eveing chores. The heat is supposed to be giving us a break this week and that should kick the shedding process up even more. Once it starts to get cooler I should also be getting better trail camera pictures and hopefully be able to show off some of our hard antler monster bucks before the Ohio bow hunting season starts in two weeks!



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