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The Hunt is ON!

September 16, 2018

After an exciting velvet hunt and then the mad rush to get all of our last minute items completed, we have finally started our hard antler hunts for 2018! The trophy bucks were getting ready with the rubbing of trees and brush, and now we are already starting to see the early signs of territorial scrapes. With the statewide Ohio deer season quickly coming, it was nice to get an early preview of the mature bucks we have here at Oak Ridge this year. 

Rich was treated to a very hot start this season as we started out the first evening in the "Penalty Box". Living up to its name we both were able to shed a few pounds early but the bucks arrived just before dark. We had our first look at a huge main frame wide buck. As is often the case with these old mature bucks he felt something wasn't right and slipped just outside the food plot. The first morning was cooler and Rich made a great shot with his crossbow.  After a short blood trail, he was rewarded with a great mature non-typical buck that score 353"! What a way to keep our season rolling. As we processed this great buck, we were also discussing the chances of getting the "Wide Buck" to make a mistake in the time that Rich had left with us. Evening two was spent in the Trophy Trailer and as predicted by the trail camera pictures the "Wide Buck" showed up just before dark. He once again sensed something while at thirty yards and after a very brief pause showed off his namesake whitetail! The second morning once again was cooler and as the sun began to rise in the East the "Wide Buck" slipped in from our backside. He once again started to get "the feeling" but this time we were already set up and Rich made another perfect shot! We knew he was big but incredible was more like it. He measured 394" and had a 47" outside spread! He shattered our record book here at ORWA by 14" and is the widest ever taken by 1" over Dan's 2017 buck!

The season is off to a great start would be an understatement, and judging by some of our trail camera photos the excitement is just getting started! How about those huge typicals? Do you think we are out of the big non-typicals? Don't miss your chance and call us soon to see if we can help you make your dreams come true this year!



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