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Fall has Arrived!

September 24, 2018

What a difference a day can make in late September! The offical arrival of Fall 2018 came with some great fall weather and what a differnce it make to the trophy buck activity. After a couple of slower warm days Dan was greeted to low 40's on day three and the monster bucks were on the move. Dan finally closed the deal on this beautiful huge typical buck and waht a look he had! 

All of the bucks are finishing up their velvet now and there are buck rubs showing up everywhere. The cooler weather also has them starting the antler rattling but at this point it is not as serious as it will become over the next three weeks. The Ohio deer season offically gets started this weekend and it looks like the weather will be perfect. Our season is just starting to roll and we hope to have many more mature buck photos to share soon.



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