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Leaving October

October 31, 2018

This October has been running behind all month and as we get ready to start November our leaves are finally hitting their full color. This is a solid two weeks behind our normal year but it is nice to finish off a great month in full color! The trophy bucks are not running behind and it seem like they are ready for the Ohio peak rut! They are on the move and this last week we had two great hunts that showed they are ready to start locking in on those hot does!

Nicole started us off with an exciting crossbow hunt the first evening and when one of our older mature does came in she brought with her a great Ohio trophy buck. He finally gave her a shot and Nicole closed the deal with a perfect shot! The buck score 260" and what a way to start our weekend! Frankie traded places and was trying to get within bow range of a mature buck and as the rains arrived so did our plans to extend his hunt. The bucks finally cooperated and while the rains poured down he made a perfect shot at 20 yards. Because of the rain (and 32 degrees) we decided to let him lay until morning and after a very short search we found our second great trophy buck. A second buck in four days that scored 260". The bucks took two different ways to get there but both ended up with in an 1/8" of each other! What a great weekend.

Our chase is on and it looks like the peak Ohio rut will be in the next 7-10 days. This is right on schedule and it should make our next few hunts equally exciting!



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