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December Arrives

December 5, 2018

What a great time of year! The holidays are here and everyone gathers with family and friends. The phones come out immediately and we begin to share the deer pictures that we have taken or received this year! The stories flow about the trophy bucks that slipped past our stand, the monster buck taken just a property away or maybe by your buddy in the next stand. It is very easy to see how we all get hooked on these whitetails and the bonds that they create are much greater than hunt itself. The Ohio deer season still has extended gun season, Ohio muzzle loader deer season and archery season to make your dreams of trophy whitetails come true.

Our mature bucks are still on the move and it appears as though the secondary rut may be kicking in just a little already. The fighting is not as intense as it was three or four weeks ago and we are getting more pictures every night with multiple bucks together. Still a lot of action to come this year but at least not as intense. The food sources will begin to take over as the trophy bucks begin to replace their body mass for the remaining winter months. With the wet and muddy conditions around most of the NE there should be plenty of unharvested soybean and corn fields available. These are a great place to begin hunting as the temperatures begin to drop.



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