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Tis the Season

December 16, 2018

As we move towards the end of December it also indicates the end of the Ohio gun season and as we move into the new year that means only late season archery and Ohio muzzle loader season 


are left to fill those tags. The end of December also means the secondary rut is on and the younger does will be firing up those trophy bucks for one more chance to catch him making a mistake. This rut is usually not as intense and the mature bucks will be taking breaks to begin refueling for the cold winter months still ahead. Watch for those fresh scrapes and also unharvested crop fields. There is still plenty of excitement left for January and you just have to get out in the stand to take advantage.

Our Ohio trophy bucks are starting to check the younger does. We have also been seeing groups of bucks again in the food plots and that means that the need to rebuild is also there for them. With any luck we will get a little snow for our late Ohio deer season.


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