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Snow in January?

January 18, 2019

The weather is supposed to be bringing us a snow storm this weekend. Hard to believe that in NE Ohio you can get a snow storm in January! That's why we schedule the late season deer hunts and it can be exciting and beautiful at the same time. Just don't forget the heater!

Our mature bucks are still holding their antlers for the most part and there is still a little activity on the secondary rut. We are hopeful that we can finish this next couple of weeks with some great trophy bucks. The food sources are now the attraction as the dominant bucks are trying to rebuild their body mass. The Ohio whitetail rut can take its toll on these old mature whitetails but they generally bounce back pretty quickly. I would expect that our antlered buck hunts will be over by the end of January this year. It is always fun to begin thinking about shed hunting but disappointing to know your Ohio deer hunting is over for the season!



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